Show Results & Point Standings

We are very excited to reveal our new system for tracking our show results and point standings. We have added in the results of the 2020 season and will be adding 2019, 2018, and 2017 over the course of this year. 

Please bear in mind that historical points & results in the new system may not match exactly to what was awarded in the past. Number of entries per class is not something our prior system tracked, so it's hard to know, especially in small classes, whether they qualified for half or full points. As the historical results are posted, I will be posting the official standings from those seasons here. 

The new system has four main pages. The Results page will show you results for every show, sorted by location, for an individual season. You can use the drop down at the top of the page to switch seasons and view prior results, although currently only the 2020 season is posted. The Standings page will show you division standings. If you'd like to see more detail on a horse or rider, you can click their name to see detailed hunter/jumper results on the Horse page, and detailed Equitation points on the Rider page. The Active Members page shows current active members for the season (don't forget to renew your membership for 2021!) The Active Horses page shows you current horses owned by active members. On both the Horses and Members page, you can click the link for each horse or member to view more detailed results and show history.

Use the Points Issue page to report any typographical errors, owner/rider errors, or any points that you believe may be recorded incorrectly. 

Note: The new system will not award points if you are not an active member of the circuit. Once your membership is received, all retroactive points for the current season will be awarded as usual.