2021 NTHJC Board Members

Updated 01/02/2021

Please be aware that any email or letter sent to the President or a board member will be shared with the entire board at their next meeting to discuss any needed actions on your issue!  You may contact the Board Members via e-mail submission on the Contact page.


2021 NTHJC Board of Directors:

President: Dr. Chaney Curran

Vice President: Kelsey Marcus

Treasurer: Lynda Guarnieri

Recording Secretary: Kim Brunson
Corresponding Secretary: Julie Tullos

NTHJC 2021 Board Members: 

Angela Bollinger

Brooke Cagle

Michelle Campbell-Greene

Melissa Crocker

Katie Fisher

Rachel Holt

Rachael Landman

Brittany Lowe

Candice Reece

Kathryn Roan

Laura Smith

Charlotte Upchurch

Charlotte Vowan-Wiles

Sarah Ward

Randy Walker

2021 Membership/Points Secretary: 

Amy Frenzel 

2021 Show Committee: 

Candice Reece - Chair

Amy Frenzel

Brooke Cagle

Randy Walker

Lynda Guarnieri

Andrea Stewart

2021 Banquet Committee: 

Kelsey Marcus - Chair


2021 Scholarship Committee: 



2021 Benefit Donation Committee: 

Charlotte Upchurch - Chair

Next Board Meeting

Monday, February 8th

Uncle Julios @ 7:00 PM

1301 William D Tate Ave

Grapevine TX 76051

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