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NTHJC Member Barns

Barn memberships are available for a one time payment of $100.00.  Please renew your barn membership annually with the online form so all information is kept updated but no additional payment is needed.  You can use the PayPal button at the bottom of the page to pay for a barn membership, and use the contact form on the contact page if you need to update your information.

Have a Barn Membership but don't see your name below? Barn memberships need to be renewed once a year (free), just to make sure our barns are active and contact information is up to date. Click Here to renew your barn membership for 2021!

Barn Name
Abingdon Park and Pony Farm
Pilot Point, TX
Julie Tullos
(214) 924-0097
BCXR Horse Center
Troup, TX
Colleen Snyder
(903) 312-8884
Brandon Clinton Sport Horses
Pilot Point, TX
Brandon Clinton
(469) 469-4200
Breakaway Equestrian LLC
McKinney, TX
Andrea Hale
(214) 799-6896
Brunson Equestrian Center
Tyler, TX
Kim Brunson
(903) 882-8696
Cedar Haven Stables
Cedar Hill, TX
Kelsey Marcus
(214) 236-5107
Colonial Equestrian Center
Lone Oak, TX
Laurie Fiette
(972) 734-2087
Confederate Park Farm
Fort Worth, TX
Michelle Houpt
(817) 320-2969
Deer Creek Stables
Burleson, TX
Jennifer Burk
Double L Stables
Argyle, TX
Michelle Delphey
(510) 917-4591
Elmstead Farm
Parker, TX
Britt McCormick
(972) 467-6008
Enlightened Equine
Paradise, TX
Bryn Hudson
(214) 923-0097
Fieldstone Park
Mansfield, TX
Kathleen Voekhel
(817) 572-4115
Grand Oak Farm
Aubrey, TX
Amy Moore
(517) 861-0237
Hidden Lake Farm
Bartonville, TX
Barbie Mims
(214) 763-8550
Hogany Tops Farm
Edgewood, TX
Jo Beard
(404) 425-2599
Homeward Farms
Lewisville, TX
Lauren Eisele & Brandon Howard
(972) 898-1306
JL Ranch
Streetman, TX
Jennifer Lavender
(214) 207-5528
Merriwood Ranch
Garland, TX
Mary Beth Travis
(972) 278-9810
Nicely Hunter Jumpers
Richardson, TX
Denise Nicely
(469) 237-7053
North Texas Equestrian Center
Wylie, TX
Kai Handt
(972) 442-7544
Oak View Equestrian
Terrell, TX
Angela Bollinger
(214) 546-0164
October Hill Farm
Hudson Oaks, TX
Kayce Grice
(817) 341-2012
Pink Crown Farms
Longview, TX
Kristen Stinson
(817) 320-2969
Prospering Farm
Prosper, TX
Susan Horn
(972) 346-3236
RH Equestrian
Tyler, TX
Rebecca Hanna
(214) 973-2787
Raintree Farm
Bartonville, TX
Becky Rainwater
(214) 250-1139
Rising Star Ranch
Bridgeport, TX
Donna Perusse
(817) 975-6452
Silent Knight Stables
Krum, TX
Shannon Flanagan
(940) 367-9948
Silver Lining Training Center
Terrell, TX
Margaret Kennedy
(972) 523-5851
Silver Oak Farms
Bartonville, TX
Sydney Dematteo
(817) 528-4415
Smallside Farm
Arlington, TX
Jordan Mallard
(214) 315-9433
Southlake Equestrian
Southlake, TX
Bridget Bello
(516) 857-0133
Spellbound Farm
Van Alstyne, TX
Tracey Badley
(214) 402.6472
Star T Ranch
Aledo, TX
Kimberly Taylor
(817) 247-9257
Stardust Pony Dreams
Aubrey, TX
Hali Durand
(916) 919-1032
Stony Glen Stables
Celina, TX
Julie Holmquest
(214) 724-6017
Texas Rose Horse Park
Tyler, TX
Kathy Brunson
(903) 882-8696
The Paddocks
Crossroads, TX
Katja Kallenberger
(940) 440-3361
Tin Top Farms
Ardmore, OK
Madi Robbins
(662) 801-6142
Twelve Oaks Distinctive Sport Horses
Arlington, TX
Michelle Miller
(469) 644-1007
Twisted Oak Manor
Argyle, TX
Kelly Knigge
(214) 542-2284
Victory Farm
Aubrey, TX
Renee Albrecq
(214) 542-8407
Whitehedge Farm
Aubrey, TX
Anne Hedge
(940) 594-9275
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