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NTHJC Benefit Donation


2021 Benefit Donation Recipient

Blue Sky Therapeutic 
Riding & Respite

Pinnacle Therapeutic Riding Center

In spite of the trying COVID-19 Pandemic, NTHJC is proud to announce with happy hearts, that we have chosen to award Pinnacle Therapeutic Riding Facility as the 2020 recipient of $12,000 with the funds raised from the NTHJC Fall Fundraiser Horse Show held September 2020.

What is the NTHJC Benefit Donation? 

Every year, NTHJC donates the proceeds from it's inaugural show to a therapeutic riding center in North Texas. This award goes to a local TRF in need of the funds to sustain business or provide necessary improvements.  As part of the equestrian community, we realize what an enrichment our animals & sport provide.

How are facilities selected? 

Each facility fills out an application (usually during the month of August), detailing the specifics of their program, and explaining how the funds will be applied. Applications are then reviewed by NTHJC's Benefit Donation Committee, and finalists are selected based on need and quality of application. The finalists will receive an on-site visit - or, in the case of a year like 2020 where on-site visits were not possible, submit a video tour of their facility. Based on these visits/tours, the committee will make a final suggestion to the board who will decide the final selectee. 

How can I apply? 

Applications are OPEN for 2022. Please click HERE to fill out the Donation Application.

I'd like to get involved - how can I help? 

There are many ways to get involved with the Benefit Donation. Firstly, attending the Benefit Show (held this year at Texas Rose Horse Park on February 27th & 28th), is a fun way to help the club with its mission to gave back to our local therapeutic centers. If you are not able to attend the show, there are still ways that you can help: contact our Show Committee about volunteer positions needing filled at the show, reach out to the Benefit Committee chair about serving on the committee and helping with the application development and review, or consider making a donation through our sponsorship form, which can be found here. 

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