Membership Incentives

In an effort to provide more value from your NTHJC membership, we are excited to announce our Membership Incentives Program for 2022. Do you have a product or service the other members could benefit from? In the spirit of making NTHJC membership extra special, we would love for anyone with a skill or service to consider offering a "keep it in the family" discount to other NTHJC members.


This is a wonderful way to advertise your business for free, gain new customers, and most importantly, make sure other NTHJC members know what you have to offer! These discounts will be available to NTHJC members only! We are always working hard to add value to your membership, beyond horse showing and end of year points, and what better way than to help each other's businesses grow. 

Common Examples


Offer a dollar amount or percentage off a first lesson or package.


Offer a dollar amount or percentage off of a haul-in fee, schooling fee, or first month's board or training.

Professional Services

Offer a small discount to new clients who are NTHJC members.

Small Business

Do you sell clothing, tshirts, candles, make-up, jewelry, embroidery services, etc that our members could use?

Equine Industry

Are you an equine chiropractor, massage therapist, farrier, vet, browband-maker, or saddle fitter? Let our members know what you have to offer!

If you are interested in offering an incentive, click here to get in touch with our Incentives Committee chair, Kathryn Roan.